Winchester SX4 UPLAND FLD 12/26 BL/WD 3


This winchester sx4 nickel-plated receiver is decorated with a delicate engraving showing partridges. First of all, it allows manufacturers to build lighter guns, therefore increasing the maniability. Its low recoil allows you to take the second shot faster. And finally, it doesn’t damage the meat as the 12 gauge can do.



winchester sx4

winchester sx4 was developed to be the most reliable and the fastest inertia operated semi-automatic shotgun and with the lowest recoil sensation. winchester sx4 confidence in the new A5 is such that they offer a guarantee of 100,000 shots or 7 years with it. This reliability guarantee relies above all on the new Kinematic Drive System which is the gun’s tireless engine. Other innovations make the A5 a concentrate of new technologies: The new Investor chokes fitted to the new back-bored barrels, the Inflex II recoil pad and, lastly, the Speed Load Plus system.

This firearms nickel-plated receiver is decorated with a delicate engraving showing partridges. All the A5’s features are present with a Back-bored, an Inflex II recoil pad and the new Kinematic Drive™ system. Its grade 3 walnut stock has an oilrubbed finish.

That’s why the Winchester SX4 is such a great choice. It’s an ultra-reliable, gas-driven semi-auto for less than $900. There are better duck guns than the SX4, but in terms of value, Winchester’s auto-loader is unmatched. … And you get the same reliability from the SX4 that you would from those three guns.
    • cal. 12/76
    • barrel length: 76 cm
    • interchangeable choke: 3 Invector DS
    • max. capacity: 4+1
    • ventilated rib: 6 mm
    • receiver: dovetailed+nickeled
    • weight: ca. 3 kg
    • stock: walnut


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