Vihtavuori N32C TIN STAR Smokeless Gun Powder




Vihtavuori N32C

Vihtavuori N32C is a specialized powder intended to provide low bulk density for cartridges that were originally designed for Cowboy Action Shooters shooting lead bullets with single-action revolvers and lever-action rifles. The use of more conventional gun powder results in poor load density, and fails to adequately fill the case.


The biggest benefit of N32C is its high loading volume. Compared to N320, the case filling ratio can be up to 50% higher.


This also makes the powder safer to use – a reloader won’t be able to make double or triple loads in big volume cases by accident. Tin Star gives reliable ignition in all conditions, burns clean and leaves very little fouling or residue. It meters easily, making the task of producing high quality and uniform loads that you can depend on just that much easier. Handloads that you can depend on, shot, after shot, after shot. Vihtavuori N32C Tin Star delivers!



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